Teamwork is Dreamwork

Malone’s Zoo Crew is made of a small team of about 25 students who all have the same passion–animals.  We strive to educate others on conservation issues, the wonders of the natural world, and to share our great experiences with people who aren’t always able to spend time with animals like we are.

It’s not all fun and games!  About 70% of our days are spent cleaning cages, feeding animals, and cleaning our animal areas.  It is a lot of work!  All the time, people come up to us and say “I just wanna play with the animals.”

Some of Malone's Zoo Crew at the Rush Event held earlier this semester.

From left to right, Hilary, Jake, Marionna, Ben, and Andrew, some of Malone’s Zoo Crew at the Rush event held by Student Senate earlier this fall semester.

Newsflash: There is no job that lets you just play with animals!  You have to put in the work to reap the rewards–and there are many!  If you spend time working around a parrot, cleaning his cage, talking to him, and just hanging out nearby, he will grow to trust you, and soon will let you pick him up.

We have one parrot who is fully free-flighted!  Her name is Zazu, and it gives me as a trainer an incredible rush of excitement every time I see her winging it towards me and landing on my hand.  Even when she is flying to someone else, it is amazing to see how hard work and dedication pays off in the form of seeing her do what makes her so happy, a natural behavior that we then can use to help educate children about the plight of parrots in the wild!

Nothing that we have accomplished so far could have been done without the help of our full team.  It takes a small army to take care of the collection that we are building, because we are working with class, sports, work, and other schedules. Lucky for us, we have a dedicated team that always gets the job done, and we keep all the animals happy and healthy.

Until next time, remember that polar bears are the only mammal with hair on the soles of their feet.

2 thoughts on “Teamwork is Dreamwork

  1. :) NIce to see our old pet “Zazu” (aka Buddy) enjoying herself! Hey, did you know that we thought she was a boy for several years until she laid an egg a couple years ago.